Joy Pacitto MS, CCH

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We were meant to be healthy! 

I strongly believe  we are  responsible for the good stewardship of our bodies.

Therefore, if you have moved away from your state of splendid health, it is up to you to do whatever it takes to return to well-being. 

This can be hard work. 

No whining allowed!

Tell me more about the initial session

The main point to understand is this counseling is for you and based on your needs.

Joy will conduct a thorough nutritional evaluation asking questions about food cravings, appetite, sleep habits, digestion, fatigue, movement patterns, your health history, family health history and how stress affects you. Because this is a holistic health care, it is important for Joy to see you as a whole person and not as a 'case'.

You will leave the session with precise and accurate recommendations about eating. You can start eating in an improved way at your very next meal. The food recommendations are normal, manageable, easily obtained from your grocery store and inexpensive. You will NOT be on a diet nor will you eat strange, expensive foods.

You can eat normally and comfortably with your family.

Supplements may be recommended for a period of about 12 weeks to help you correct a condition and achieve balance.The goal is to remind the body how to return to a state of good health. 

Oftentimes there is an improvement in the person's energy levels with 7-14 days. Eating the correct foods for your body as well as supplementing with the highest quality vitamins and mineral formulas, which match your needs, often makes a tremendous difference in how you feel. 

In her career in nutritional counseling Joy has been constantly amazed at the enduring power of good nutrition and the positive effects that can be seen in energy levels, quality of sleep, weight issues and general mood.