Joy Pacitto MS, CCH

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We were meant to be healthy! 

I strongly believe  we are  responsible for the good stewardship of our bodies.

Therefore, if you have moved away from your state of splendid health, it is up to you to do whatever it takes to return to well-being. 

This can be hard work. 

No whining allowed!

Gluten and Dairy are difficult to digest but they are so hard to resist!

 Gluten and Dairy are difficult to digest but they are so hard to resist!

60 Capsules
120 capsules
Gluten/Dairy Digest is made for you! 
The specific enzymes in this formula are targeted for these 2 categories of food that often challenge us. 

If you are very careful with your diet this formula can be a lifesaver on vacation, during holidays, socializing- all good times when we break the rules.
Suggested dose: 1-2 caps with meals

Gluten/Dairy Digest contains a blend of digestive enzymes targeting gluten and dairy digestion. It provides a blend of proteases specially formulated with dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) activity to help break down gluten peptide fragments in normal digestive systems. Studies suggest that it may also promote a healthy cytokine balance to support GI comfort and function. Additionally, this formula provides a unique mixture of protease enzymes and lactase to assist digestion of multiple constituents of milk and dairy products. Protease enzymes targeting casein and beta-lactoglobulin proteins support dairy protein digestion. Casein is the predominant protein in milk and cheese. Beta-lactoglobulin occurs primarily in the whey fraction of milk. It is an acid-stable protein and therefore may not be broken down by pepsin and pancreatin. Lactase breaks down the milk sugar lactose, helping to relieve occasional bloating or gas that some people can experience from dairy consumption.

If you are on a controlled diet and/or under the care of a health care professional for dairy and/or gluten digestion, continue to follow those recommendations. This product is not intended to substitute for the recommendations of a health professional.
Gluten/Dairy Digest contains a unique mix of enzymes to support normal gluten, casein, beta-lactoglobulin and lactose digestion.
BioCore® is a trademark of National Enzyme Company.

Gluten/Dairy Digest

Supplemental Facts

  • Amount Per Serving
  • each vegetarian capsule contains:
  • BioCore™ DPP-IV100 mg.
    • protease (endo/exopeptidase)30,000 HUT
    • protease (exopeptidase)500 DPP-IV
    • protease (endo/exopeptidase)8.5 AP
  • BioCore™ Dairy105 mg.
    • protease (endo/exopeptidase)630 BLGU
    • lactase1,000 ALU
  • other ingredients: hypoallergenic plant fiber (cellulose), vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water)
  • 1–2 capsules as needed, with a meal.