Joy Pacitto MS, CCH

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We were meant to be healthy! 

I strongly believe  we are  responsible for the good stewardship of our bodies.

Therefore, if you have moved away from your state of splendid health, it is up to you to do whatever it takes to return to well-being. 

This can be hard work. 

No whining allowed!

Where to purchase truly pure supplements you can trust?

I am excited to tell you: right here on my website!!
For specific recommendation look at Joy's favorite formulas which have been used successfully by my clientele for years.

Why have I chosen Pure Encapsulations been chosen as my supplement company?

Excellent question!

For 30 years in my private practice I have used and offered professional strength, 100% pure and authentic supplements that are of the highest quality from a reputable and  professional company: Pure Encapsulations.

I personally know the doctors who founded the company and I participate in all their clinician educational forums.

Pure Encapsulations  has certified, independent 3rd party laboratories test every batch of products. The supplements are hypoallergenic with no coloring agents, coatings, wheat, gluten, corn, starch, sugar, soy (unless noted), preservatives or hydrogenated oils.

Vegetarian capsules are used. Each label has full disclosure and the bottles have foil induction seals and full sleeve shrink seals. Pure Encapsulations shipping policy is exceptional and you will be impressed with the speedy service.

The supplements will be shipped directly to your home or workplace within days for your convenience.

Finally as a nutritionist, I am very impressed with the fact that all of the supplements, (with the exception of soft-gels), are in capsule form, hence the name Pure EncapsulationsThey are easier to swallow.

This means you have a  far better chance of digesting and absorbing the contents of each formula. 

I and my family use them personally as well.