Joy Pacitto MS, CCH

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We were meant to be healthy! 

I strongly believe  we are  responsible for the good stewardship of our bodies.

Therefore, if you have moved away from your state of splendid health, it is up to you to do whatever it takes to return to well-being. 

This can be hard work. 

No whining allowed!

About Joy

Nutritional Private Practice

Joy Pacitto, MS, CCH has been a practicing clinical nutritionist since 1986. She maintains a private practice in Rocky Hill, CT. 
She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Chemistry and Education from Rhode Island College. 
She earned a Master's of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, CT. 

Homeopathic Private Practice

She is also a Classical Homeopath and graduate of the School of Homeopathy, New York, a 4-year clinical training program. 
Joy is nationally board certified in Classical Homeopathy from the Council for Homeopathic Certification.
She maintains a private practice in Providence, Rhode Island, 
She is available to conduct classes and lectures about homeopathy.
Consultations are available in person, by Facetime , Skype and phone.

Note: For additional information about homeopathy please visit our national website for an abundance of information. 


The most important thing to know about Joy is that she totally and passionately loves her work. She spends her time studying, enjoying her family and being Italian.

One of Joy's favorite sayings was spoken by Michelangelo, "Ancora Imparo".
I am still learning.